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TCK Investigations can provide you with background checks to ensure you that your employees do not have a criminal record, or perhaps be a sex offender/pedophile. Maybe your corporation has a need to make sure your employees have a valid driver's license. Having this kind of knowledge can save your corporation a lot of time, stress, and money. Protecting you and your employees from unforeseen incidents which may otherwise be prevented, could be vital to keeping your Corporation moving forward.

TCK Investigations can also provide your corporation with Executive protection, armed or unarmed, male or female, business, casual, or fit to your need. TCK Investigations can

Business Meeting

provide you with the answers you are looking for to ensure that your corporation will grow and be cost efficient

Specializing in the following areas:
  • Workplace Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Employee Theft

  • Worker's Compensation Fraud

  • Victim Statements

  • Employee Termination

  • Executive Protection

  • Safety Escort

  • Event Security

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