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If you are a attorney that needs a investigator to take professional statements, photographs or a detailed canvas to assist you and your client we have years of experience to get the details your need. It  requires a professional Long Island Private Investigator to get the facts documented for your case and get the award or settlement you deserve . We also do process serving for our clients at a reasonable rate with professional service. 

If you have a domestic or missing persons' case, then TCK Investigations Inc. can assist you.  We have extensive experience in this field and detailed knowledge and experience even when people do not want to be found.  Being former Detectives our job was to find people that do not want to be found .  

Business owners are aware that a dishonest employee or a employee or a fraudulent disability claim can cause a substantial loss . It also shows the other employees they can get away with it .  TCK Investigations is the Private Investigators you need to bring this type of behavior to a end.  When we step in we do the case to prove it in court or any hearing you might have to face.  Sometimes the way to  avoid this occurring is to hire us to do your background and pre-employment investigation prior to hiring. 

We do Security Consulting and Assessments and are available as the discreet security you want for your party or affair.   
Private Investigation Services
Security Consulting and Assessment Services
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